‘a night of non-square sounds & hypnotic imagery’

599792_345059628927346_1074916756_n If any of my beloved but amoebic readership chance upon this and happen to be in the vicinity of Derry on the night of Saturday, April the 20th, come to Sandinos, the finest Bolshevik-riddled ale-hole on this godforsaken island (I mean that in the best possible sense). My friends Matt & Joe (formerly of Kling Klang & Part Chimp) are starting what promises to be an obnoxiously-good music night called End Boss, the first featuring Dublin, Liverpool & Derry’s finest: TwinKranes, The Left Hand & Strength. Despite having no knowledge of how to do such a thing, I’m arranging the visuals. Expect Jules Verne, Méliès, Cocteau & Vorkapić, early Dada/Surrealist films, Eastern Bloc animations, German Expressionism & deranged advertisements from the ’50’s interspersed with the sound of a grown man crying as he struggles with his neanderthal grasp of technology. Despite all the indications to the contrary, it will be very good craic.

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