The HU Redux

Here’s some photos (courtesy and copyright of the very talented Paula Gillespie) from the recent Honest Ulsterman evening concert we hosted at the Verbal Arts Centre, Derry. It was a great night and the culmination of several fantastic days of storytelling in the city. Thanks to everyone who came, performed and made it possible. We had guest appearances, via stories and poems, from Balor of the Evil Eye, an Elvis-fixated preacher, Richard Brautigan, Metsu’s Sick Child and Diogenes of Sinope. Hopefully the first of many such events to come. Later in the year, the magazine will be returning in the ether and in print. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter @HonestUlsterman. Now I’m off to find the devil at the site of a 17th century Faustian Pact on a lonesome Donegal mountainside. More on that when, or if, I return…

honest ulsterman

honest ulsterman2

honest ulsterman3

honest ulsterman4

honest ulsterman5

honest ulsterman6

honest ulsterman7

honest ulsterman8

honest ulsterman9

honest ulsterman10

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1 Response to The HU Redux

  1. Wonderful photos. And great to see writers sharing in community. Needed balance to the innate eccentricity….

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