Death from above


I’ve been working on a lot of writing, some of it interesting, some ludicrous, that’s finally coming together and should be out in some form in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’m involved with a musical project; playing bass with the Ceol Cosmaí Ensemble. There’s seven of us, brought together by a mutual love of unpleasant music and led by Joe McLaughlin (of Kling Klang, Part Chimp and The Left Hand).

We’ll be performing live for the London radio station Resonance FM (104.4fm) next Monday to Wednesday from 11:00 am. The song we’re playing sounds a bit like Neu! but it’ll most likely change as the days go by and we add vocals, a cellist, synths and whatever else we can come up with (hooking a mic up to a neighbouring beehive being one suggestion).

Until told otherwise, we’ll be playing on a rooftop in Derry. It’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of St Eugene’s Cathedral with the music tied to the chiming of the church bells. It’s going to be noisy and possibly only music in the loosest possible sense of the word but it’ll be something different. I can’t speak for the other men and women in the band but my aim is to conjure up a black hole that will eat the sky, through a diabolical sequence of musical notes. I’ll be sorely disappointed with anything less. Come along and see how we get on as a satanic version of The Beatles if you’re in town or terrorise your family or colleagues by listening in on the radio.

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2 Responses to Death from above

  1. sfhopkins says:

    I don’t know whether I’ll be able to tune in to this on my computer–an awful lot of websites are blocked in the UAE–but I’ll certainly try. I hope it goes well.

  2. thanks, it will be a great success or a spectacular catastrophe (the only worthwhile outcomes of anything).

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