The Beautiful and Damned


The Independent recently did a fine piece on the artwork of my co-conspirator the magnificent Christiana Spens. It’s devastating and yet something of a relief when you see a real artist at work, someone with a instinctive eye for line and perspective, who can turn a glamorous fashion design into an atmospheric, elegiac even sinister scene (given even her doodles seem to have a hidden narrative, you can tell she’s also a talented writer), who has the bravery and trust in the viewer to prove that less is more, who has a distinctive voice across book covers (for her 3:AM Press), lost generation postcards, political paintings (her forthcoming The Drone Age book) and decadent portraits, and realise your own Cro-Magnon scrawls and misshapen clay heads are best consigned to the bonfire or the bottom of the sea, if the merciful fires and sea will have them. I think she’s awesome. You can follow her work here but here’s a selection…










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