No Place


It’s been an insane year and it’s good to finally hibernate, hang out with my boy, and start working on new books (Notes on Three Drownings and Fata Morgana) with the accompaniment of storms rolling in from the sea. I’ve been genuinely blown away by the kind responses to Imaginary Cities and it’s incredible that it appeared in The Guardian‘s Best Books of 2015 (“a dizzying and brilliant piece of creative non-fiction”) and The Financial Times‘ (“A compendium of fantasy cities that takes its cue from Marco Polo via Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, this remarkable survey reveals the influence that the metropolis of the mind has had on the real thing”).

I have a new round of talks planned for 2016 (at the LSE, Resonate (Belgrade) and Stanza among others) but, in the meantime, here’s a talk I took part in on utopian cities at the Bristol Festival of Future Cities (I start rambling at 22:20).

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1 Response to No Place

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Cool! I enjoyed your “rambling” on utopias in the video, particularly your examples of utopian dreams we’ve already achieved but take for granted (such as being able to communicate with people anywhere in the world instantaneously), and your point about “radical” architecture up until recently universally subscribing to an egalitarian vision. I haven’t given utopias much thought until now, and you’ve given me an angle or two with which to approach it.

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