Exit Flatland


My first games/architecture column for Kill Screen is online here as a glimpse of the print magazine, which I recommend subscribing to. It’s on the joys of axonometric projection in tribute to the first game I ever loved, Ocean’s Batman for the CPC 464 in 1986 as well as many games since (honorable mention to my old friend Ryan Lees who converted me to the Last Ninja series among others – see below, alongside Batman, La Abadía del Crimen and Transistor). I grew up playing video games in the age of pixels and cassettes and, after a lengthy absence following other, more hedonistic pursuits, I returned in recent years. Computer games are joyously pointless but they also tell us a great deal about a great many things, not least how we spend our time and see the world; I’m convinced my hero Montaigne would be writing about them if he were around today. Kill Screen share my interest, not in the insular cultish aspects of gaming or the politics but, in how games intersect with and reflect or refract the real world. I also wrote a piece on moving beyond Cyberpunk for Kill Screen previously and my piece on End Boss interiors will be in the next issue.

PS Thanks to Unsung Stories for a very kind and thoughtful review of Imaginary Cities, about which some very exciting news is forthcoming.

Batman (E)_3




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