Hibernating in the woods at the minute and thought I’d do some kind of best of 2016 but it’d likely just consist of a burning tumbril barrelling down a cobbled lane towards a gunpowder store. Instead I thought I’d just mention some recent things I’ve been doing, between drinking and foraging, before the year sinks into the hell from whence it came.


I have an autobiographical essay on how Belfast put the psycho in psychogeography in the gorgeous Irish journal Winter Papers (edited by Kevin Barry and Olivia Smith).


I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Lauren Elkin (author of the excellent Flâneuse) for The Irish Times, and I was interviewed about Imaginary Cities and the forthcoming Tidewrack for the Italian magazine Burrasca and the Austrian newspaper Der Standard.


I have a piece on Augmented Reality in Wired at the minute (love the Tom Gauld illustration for it) and my latest column in Kill Screen is on End Boss interiors (interior decor from the days of Streets of Rage etc).

Thanks to the University of Glasgow and everyone who came to my recent talk on the Politics of Space there, to The Atlantic for recommending my twitter bullshitery, and especially to Jenni Fagan for choosing Imaginary Cities as her favourite read of the year in The Herald. The latter is especially appreciated as I’m a big fan of her writing and The Sunlight Pilgrims, The Panopticon, and all of her poetry are essential reading in my mind.

There are some really cool projects coming in the New Year, if the lousy old Earth continues to turn. In the meantime, have a good one folks and keep the deaths to a minimum.

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