Beyond Monochrome

‘Revolutions arrive in colours. Green in Ireland, carnation in Portugal, yellow in the Philippines, velvet in Czechoslovakia, rose in Georgia, orange in Ukraine, tulip in Kyrgyzstan, saffron in Myanmar. One hundred years ago in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), the October Revolution was red. A year into Bolshevik rule, artists in a carnival mood painted trees in Moscow scarlet and violet. An incensed Lenin condemned what he called “mockery and distortion.” In every ideologue, there lurks a puritan. Years later, the dazzling multi-hued Constructivist wonders of Yakov Chernikhov remained unbuilt while the gargantuan blank facades of the Stalinskie Vysotki skyscrapers towered above the inhabitants of Moscow.’

On colour, and its absence, in Western architecture over on White Noise

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1 Response to Beyond Monochrome

  1. Surprising, things I didn’t know about Lenin and the Moscow artists. Even now.
    Later, of course, came the night of Kronstadt, and the end of it all.

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