Imaginary Cities U.S. Edition

Wholehearted thanks to University of Chicago Press (and especially Levi Stahl) for publishing the U.S. edition of Imaginary Cities, available now in all good bookshops (and Influx Press for taking a chance on the book in the first place when others thought, not without good reason, that I was deranged). It’s pretty incredible to think of something you’ve written reaching towns and cities you’ve never been to and people you’ll never meet, and have such generous responses from readers. A.V. Club have given the book a very kind review (“a rich text worth pouring over carefully, one that defamiliarizes the mundane and familiarizes the exotic”) as have The Quarterly Conversation (“[an] ambitious guidebook to the metropolitan ideal”) among others. It can be purchased online here.

The intention was to write the book as part of a loose cities trilogy, though all are stand-alone. I’m just about to hand in the manuscript for Tidewrack, which focuses on the city I grew up in (Derry) through the Second World War and the Troubles, and I’m about to pitch the third, A Doll’s House, which is an Oulipo and Edward Hopper-inspired study of rooms and real cities. The Pandora’s Box of urbanism that was opened with the first book is continuing in talks and articles (more of those to follow). Thanks to everyone who came to our Bartlett talk by the way, especially to Luke Pearson for organising it, and Chris Kelly and Anna Smit for being such wonderful hosts and people when I was in London.

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  1. Anne Mc Taggart says:

    Great news Darran, well done! X

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